Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wait, I have a blog? Right: Tabletop games.

So, blog o sphere...

Look, I know we haven't talked in ages. So I know you must think I don't like you or something. but I think we can do this: I think we should get the band back together!

So: on topic, I finished my teir 4 Baldur The Stonecleaver list 35 pt list.

Wait, I play Warmachine/Hordes?

Yes I do. I have a rant being made for that for later. Its to long and I will be going way off tangent. Suffice to say I have got all of the Circle Oroboros models I could ever want and the Army is both fun to play and visually appealing. I think I will even post some pics when I have them painted.

I am also workng on getting some forest zones put together and painted for the army. They get to make trees mid battle, which just super messes with enemy battle plans. I plan on painting the tree bases to match the bases of the rest of the models in my list. It should be super awesome.

Next time: Gaming company rant, or imperial guard model rant. Dunno which, but I plan to work on this blog consistently and see where it goes.

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