Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Super-Mount and such

Ive been practicing my tanking on the headless horseman's event in WOW right now. As of this writing, the group has farmed him 17 times. We have had all of the rings drop for everyone. We have had magic brooms drop for everyone. twice. We got one pet (the sinister squashling) and 2 hats. One of the horseman's Mount has dropped. It looks like at these rates we will have 12 more days of the event. Which makes it a total of 48 more kills on the horseman. If my math works and the rate We have seen so far remains true:

Both the Squashling and the mount will drop 2.8 more times.
So one or none of us will not have it.
The hat has a doubled that: it will drop 5.6 more times.
We should all get that one.

I would hope that all four of us get:
The Mount
The Pet
The Hat

Everyone has everything else that they can possibly use. So all that is left are those... If my maths right and the drop rates are as I written them down.

I doubt I will get a horse /cry

Monday, October 20, 2008


So, My boss linked the above opinion article, for all his workers to read. It relates all of the various things a democratic majority government (aside from Supreme Court) will try (and likely accomplish) to pass. I can find the party affiliation of the writer within 2 sentences, 4 at most. Lets look at all these issues, and see if any problems can be found.

Medicare of all - The rest of the world handles this without destroying their economy or their citizens. Why can't the US do that also?
Regulate everything! (The Business climate) - Claiming that regulating industries will slow the economy is kinda silly. Deregulation has led directly to both the Enron collapse and the Wallstreet face-plant.

Union Supremacy - This is a bad idea, agreed. Here in Colorado, however, that has to be voted in by a majority of voters. In any case, people can still write to their senators (regardless of party) and demand that they don't support bill "x." Just because the opposite parties politicians are in office doesn't mean they can't be written to. Write a letter, make a difference.

Taxes - Okay, more taxes. The governments income has to come from somewhere, and taxing the mid-to lowest section of the population is the akin to being anti-Robin Hood. Take from the poor, and leave the rich alone. Not a perfect analogy, But it points out the absurdity of the "trickle down" theory. When the economy needs money, the rich keep their money in savings like everyone else. Taking less from them so they can save more does not make sense. I propose a new idea: Upwelling. It's not about standing under a tree and getting one or two drops of extra, its about the level rising from the base.

Green revolution - Is it really so bad that we try to keep the planet livable for us and future generations? I think so.

Free Speech and Voter Rights - You would deny the District of Columbia the right to vote at congress? They would get one vote in the House at most, plus two more in the senate. You would keep general people from the vote on the day of the election if they still needed to register? You keep people from voting! If the population does not get a vote, then the country is not a democracy. Period. The End.
Special Interest Potpourri - This happened in the last 8 years plenty, so its no a democrat only thing. Also, No Child Left Behind was a failure. I was in my last years of high school when that program started, and it was already called "No Child Gets Ahead" by students. Better we have our education system watered down, and overhauled entirely than have it stay as it is.

The final thought: You have had 8 years with your party in charge of the government to get these things set up right. They failed pretty badly in my eyes. Looks like its another's turn now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fantastic Contraptions!

I've been spending some of my lunch time build these gizmos instead of doing my homework. Shame on me. Still, this is a pretty fun game! Woo!



Saturn V!






>I didn't do this one, But man do I wish I had!


edit: I think I am going to make this post an exhaustive list of my contraptions, though I will add new ones in their own post when I want to show them off.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Warcraft time - The Great Tank Debate!*

So, Ive respeced to feral, specifically Dire Bear, when the new patch came out. Since I am planning on doing this throughout the leveling stages of Wrath, now was my first opportunity to try out how druids tank, and to a lesser extent, how tank has changed all of a sudden. One big talent change for bears is how they gain rage. They still gain rage as normal, however they also gain rage by dodging. So it works out to if you hit me, I get angry and smack you. If you try to hit me I also get angry and smack you anyway. It really lets druids tank things with a greater disregard for others gear level.

My friends and I were doing a 3-man instance in ramparts, one of the easier instances. The healer was Tier 6 and the DPS was halfway between tiers 5 and 6 as far as gear goes. My tanking gear is mostly blue quality, with some greens. In Burning Crusade, If I had attempted to tank this same instance with the same group,we would have lost people, wiped out, and generally taken allot of repair bill damage - to our banks. It would not matter how good or bad I am, The difference in gear level is high enough that there is way for me to hold threat from those two. In wrath, or at least the in game patch to ready the game for the expansion. I was holding aggro. From a Warlock and a Shaman healer, both at black temple raids in gear level. My gear level for feral is still early Karazhan. Some might say, well that's their job to let you hold aggro.

Not this warlock. His personal victory is being second highest on the threat meters. And stealing aggro from tanks. I have play DPS throughout most of my Burning Crusade experience, and let me say this: DPS's are not supposed to be doing this. So all you clothie DPS out there: Aggro equals bad, really bad, worse than anything else that could happen. Its a DPS'ers responsibility to keep their aggro under the tanks. When the tank is under geared, you need to lower your DPS itself to follow that, but it is rule #1. Period. The End. and for recap.

DPS Rules:
  1. Don't grab aggro from tanks.
  2. Don't grab aggro from tanks.
There are more but that is for another time. Suffice to say, I still kept aggro from the Aggro lovin' 'lock and I am amazed at the AOE tanking that Druids get now. Which I hear everyone gets now. Which makes me think that the tanks will be hit by wave after wave of lots of elites in the next patch. Give all classes more opportunity for CC, give all tanks the ability to AOE tank.

I smell being outnumbered 10 to one in wrath. And I'm still excited... Somehow?

*Greatness neither required nor guaranteed. Debating also not promised at this time. Tanking not necessarily mentioned.

All Hail Darwin!

So I was surfing around the internebs, and I found the above article...

I can't quite express how funny this article is. The idea of reversing normal roles and sides of an issue, with the evolutionists at the "this looks like a person stain" and the Religious folks at "its just a stain!" I think this shows the absurdity of both sides. Its not that it is a stain or not, its that people are fighting over a stain, or a sandwich, or what have you.

I just think that if I had a stain of some sort that looked like Darwin or Jesus in my bathroom... I would just think they were stalking me anyway. So there! (insert emoticon sticking out tongue here)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Epic Flyign Mounts!

So on wow, Di, KC and I are all trying to get our epic flying mounts before the expansion hits. We have until November 13th to get it done, and we are hoping it will be sooner than that. First we set up a joint bank for all of us to use. Next, we threw all of our money together to see how much we had as a group. Now, we have enough for Di's mount. She has it and loves it. And we are half-way towards getting Kacey's. Last is mine, by my own suggestion. We need right now about 7000 Gold pieces to get the last of them. So we should have Kacey's by the end of next week and Mine hopefully before Halloween. It looks like the people who have already gotten theirs are acquiring gold faster than the others already. It might not even take that long

I can hope. - Oh and one last Haiku:

For five thousand gold,
I would get an epic flight form.
This is expensive.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I think its pretty awesome t osee my lizards exuviate its skin.

Yay! New words that sound awesome!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WAR, Not Wow I

So, I have been thinking on the whole Wow vs War thing. I find I don't have the time or money for both, and I find that I don't have the energy for both. Strictly speaking, it is not a compossible thing for me.

So, War is brand new, it is pretty awesome as far as beta's went. I had a Warrior priest who kicked more ass than was handy even. One would even say he could vaticinate the end of his enemies. But, I still need to purchase the new game. and all the people I tend to dislike on MMO's are all flooding to War, from wow because its a new game and the new Wow expansion isn't coming out for another month and a half. So I think right now, I'm going to play some Wow, and get all of those things I never could before the next expansion hits. Like my epic flight form. and level all of my secondary skills. and the like.

So, when the expansion hits I can just grind out 70 to 80 with just the new skill points and I don't have to worry about any new mounts or anything. then maybe a Death-knight. Its a shame I cannot play a game I like as much or more because no one else does though. Anyway, I hope I'm not Embrangling anyone with my confusing new vocabulary. (just FYI it is all real words! Woo!)