Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stupid WoW

Once in a great while I actually go back on my word. I am back playing Wow again after 2 months because I cannot get any of the people I play with including my wife and her brother ( who both love War I might add) To play War. It comes down to the fact that an MMO with no-one you know is bland and boring. Also, They would continue to spend several hours talking about Wow whenever we would hang out... Any point I bring up from War, got glossed over. Not their fault precisely, but when my biggest comment I can include in an evening is the phrase "Well, Griftoof's new ability is called 'Right in Da Jibblies!' " It doesn't help me have allot of fun with my friends.

New plan: Play WoW. Maybe play another genre entirely if Wow stays relatively bad. One thing I will probably regret though, is that War has less people while being a far better game. Everyone admits this. Even people still playing Wow. But no one wants to change over. How does that work? Its like they don't want to lose their max level characters... But they spend 95% of their time playing the low level characters they have, because they are bored with their maxed ones.

Eh... Rant rant.. Moan Moan. Bitch Bitch.. Time to go Kill things with Moon-Nukes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brain-dead Super Rant

So, last night I spent the whole evening with some friends doing several of our RPG campaigns. First there was The Dragon Blood one. Basically, since the last installment online here, we lost our home town, been getting slowly stronger, and finally, we just had our mentor and only real protection in this game die before our very eyes. ( Well, My character didn't, but that's his own fault). In any case, This point has the world starting to hit the proverbial fan. (With included proverbial poop). We are now fleeing southwards with no immediate goals towards finding our lost party member, Though our mentor kinda got better. At least he didn't actually die. Thanks to the healy member of the group.

Moving on. After some o the group had to leave for school the next day, The rest of us moved on to another RPG, Namly Dungeons and Dragons. With a simple hack and slash combat going on, we spent a while making sure we had some fun time to burn down. This game really ended this morning, about a half hour into mindnight.

Which brings me to the brain-dead par of this thingy: Either my face or my brain feels like swiss cheese, I cannot tell which. Luckily, work is kinda slow today so I don't have to worry about much at once. As glas as I am on having friends who enjoy my intrests as much as I do, 5 hours of sleep seems to be mostly grating on me anymore. This whole morning has been spent in zombie vision. I can qualify this as a rant for the simple fact of how I keep draging this thing on with no direction or point. oh, hey. I'm done now. Time to go off to find brains, I mean Mt. Dew.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Serves me right!

Here I am. I just had the most awesome Idea for writing an RGP. System, Universe, everything.

All I need now is free time.

Blasted free time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I blame the Androids

I'm sitting here at work, thinking of how I want to start this off. My friend gave me a good idea with which I will follow. If only I had a freaken idea to start on.

The idea is a 30 minute story. I think I can do that. I will just have to start tommarow. See, the whole idea and everything comes from within that 30 minute period.

Oh well, Tommarow expect a great short story. Or some other sort of hack writing I'm much more likley to be doing.

Either Way good times.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dragons Blood part Duex!

So, Were well past the first session, and I haven't even covered anything. Time for recap:

The first session had five students and their teacher trekking out from Cromana (home town) to The Bronze Dragon ancestral home. Their was Ryall (myself), A blue blooded assassin in training ( Our close friend), A bronze Blooded School bully ( Pyros), and a white blooded doctor apprentice of unclear goals, Arrith. Also in the party are Nina, an NPC who is a young girl with no magical abilities (very rare); and Drakean, our NPC teacher who was carrying the purpose of our trip. He found a dragon egg in the sand, dragon eggs are almost never found outside their home. We thought it was a Bronze egg based on their close proximity and we left to return it.

After entering and meeting the ruling dragon (dragon eggs being presented are that rare), the dragons explained that they could tell it was a black egg. They can detect colour from eggs by smell apparently. The bronze dragons being very honourable and respectful of life, also took the time to berate Pryos for his rough ways. The boy promised to be a better person. After that the group left back for town and the next day, the group left for Zwarna, Home of the black dragons.

On the way to the first stopping point, we came across a man named Geb, and his caravan of traders. They were holding a green dragon in a cage and tourturing it. After a quick and relativly painless fight, The group slaughtered the caravan, and released the Dragon. He was young by dragon standards, and his nick name was "Capie." After healing him, we agreed to escort him home, then started conversation, eventually comming to the Seekers. They are a zealous religion focused mainly on dragon worship. Their big concern is finding the creator of the world (a dragon), because this dragon has sealed itself inside a child with no magic. The are currently after Nina, who is quite magicless. Arrith came to a disagrement with Capie, and the dragon flew off, to get away from him.

Then we arived in Falsten's Reach. The city created and controled by the Seekers. It was the only way to Zwarna.

More Later, as I find time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

So be it, Jedi...

This whole getting ready for school thing is beating me senseless. Oh well, I have tons to do already. All I can say, Warhammer: Age of Reckoning (or WAR, clever huh?) is way mroe fun and addicting than World of Warcraft (or WOW) ever was. Doesn't help that I've been a GW nut for longer than I can remember (thats a lie, I was in 6th grade). In anycase now I get to play with all the fun things of my childhood and current.

My current favorite character, likley my future main:

Griftoof Da Ribcrusha.

He is one total Badass Black Orc. He has a huge story of background in the Sci-Fi Version of the game. In anycase, If you see him on Iron Rock. Say Hello. Maybe next time I can get a lighter pic.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nodwick, Ncsoft, and

The above link was sent to me from keeping up with Nodwick . Go on read it. Also, read Nodwick too.


In any case, The article above talks about NCsoft being sued for patent infringement by a company called Ncsoft makes multiple online games like City of Heroes, GuildWars, and Lineage. makes a small online 3d interactive browser. Kind of like Second Life. This looks bad since the patent 6,731,314 is described as:
A client computer program provides instructions for a processor to locate and retrieve rich media and HTML files over a network, such as the internet, an internet or an LAN, for running in a three-dimensional (3D) graphical user interface. The program provides instructions for the processor to generate a 3D graphical user interface on a display. Then, the processor generates a metaphorical user object for navigating and interacting in the three dimensions within the environment via navigational and interactional inputs, respectively, from a user. The processor also integrates an HTML object into the environment, and interacts the user object with the HTML object in response to an interactional input from the user.
So, Worlds is looking for roylties to boot. What would any self-respecting geek do about that? Look in the patent for loopholes. thats one thing! patent is all about making a 3d mmo equivalent of the Internet. Your "avatar" (not their word) would walk around these worlds, and be able to look at sponsors websites. Which would be 3d structures with rooms. See this:


1. Field of the Invention

The invention relates to a computer program and system for providing a three-dimensional browser for a shared network environment, and particularly to a network-based platform which incorporates integrated markup language and rich media for multi-user interactivity, browsing and e-commerce.
Notice the last 3 terms. Not anywhere in the field of use, or scope, of the invention does this mention itself as a game. This legaliesse seems more like describing an internet browser like Firefox or IE, than anything resembling a game. I suppose I could also decribe an online casino with this set-up. But what about dates? The patent was filled August 16, 1999 and approved on May 4, 2004. That's right, its been here for 4 years and they haven't done anything wit hit yet!

One last point. City of Hero's: out in April of '04. Linneage, out in '98. So, your patent comes out after other products that use it have been on the market for a year? Are you high?

So this is a call to all the nerds out there: lets get boycotted for this nonsense. Online games don't need this.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Darths and Droids

If you like eith RPG's or Starwars, Go follow the link on the title.

Its worth it to note that this will give you a much better look into both RPG writing, and how many of the important plot points came up in Starwars!