Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stupid WoW

Once in a great while I actually go back on my word. I am back playing Wow again after 2 months because I cannot get any of the people I play with including my wife and her brother ( who both love War I might add) To play War. It comes down to the fact that an MMO with no-one you know is bland and boring. Also, They would continue to spend several hours talking about Wow whenever we would hang out... Any point I bring up from War, got glossed over. Not their fault precisely, but when my biggest comment I can include in an evening is the phrase "Well, Griftoof's new ability is called 'Right in Da Jibblies!' " It doesn't help me have allot of fun with my friends.

New plan: Play WoW. Maybe play another genre entirely if Wow stays relatively bad. One thing I will probably regret though, is that War has less people while being a far better game. Everyone admits this. Even people still playing Wow. But no one wants to change over. How does that work? Its like they don't want to lose their max level characters... But they spend 95% of their time playing the low level characters they have, because they are bored with their maxed ones.

Eh... Rant rant.. Moan Moan. Bitch Bitch.. Time to go Kill things with Moon-Nukes.

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