Saturday, February 05, 2011

For Science! and card games

So, I was looking around and found one of the card games I have been building. Its called For Science! and its based on each player building a crazy machine or creature, and scoring points off of it.  here is a snippet:

The game “For Science!” is a 2 to 5 player card game where each player tries to build as many crazy inventions as they are able. The game starts with each player choosing a field of science, that they haven been banished from. The goal is to build as many inventions as you can to show those fools your not mad, but that it can be done! Whoever has the most points wins.

The contents of the game include:
1 10 sided die
5 Science Discipline cards
25 Base cards
60 Mad Science cards

Begin by choosing the Discipline that scorned you. They are:

  1. Biology: You could have worked on anything as long as it was living. People, Animals, Plants, Microorganisms.
  2. Robotics: You Spend your time making metallic constructs that might or might not have their own personal Artificial Intelligences. Expect Nano-Robots, Power suits, and Robots.
  3. Physicist: You work with the fundamental rules of the universe. You make Atomic Weapons, attract meteors, and mess with all sorts of Quantum singularities.
  4. Chemist: You work on chemical reactions to do whatever you need it too. Imagine explosives; Super strong acids, Drugs, and toxic chemicals galore.
  5. Mind/Matter: You were a psychologist, but those fools declared you went outside the bounds of science! Your chief weapons include Fear, mind control, telekinesis and telepathy. (What? Its not like you’re the Spanish Inquisition or anything).
Anyway, its a ton of fun, and I want to finish it up and get maybe a playtest going around for people to try.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wait, I have a blog? Right: Tabletop games.

So, blog o sphere...

Look, I know we haven't talked in ages. So I know you must think I don't like you or something. but I think we can do this: I think we should get the band back together!

So: on topic, I finished my teir 4 Baldur The Stonecleaver list 35 pt list.

Wait, I play Warmachine/Hordes?

Yes I do. I have a rant being made for that for later. Its to long and I will be going way off tangent. Suffice to say I have got all of the Circle Oroboros models I could ever want and the Army is both fun to play and visually appealing. I think I will even post some pics when I have them painted.

I am also workng on getting some forest zones put together and painted for the army. They get to make trees mid battle, which just super messes with enemy battle plans. I plan on painting the tree bases to match the bases of the rest of the models in my list. It should be super awesome.

Next time: Gaming company rant, or imperial guard model rant. Dunno which, but I plan to work on this blog consistently and see where it goes.