Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brain-dead Super Rant

So, last night I spent the whole evening with some friends doing several of our RPG campaigns. First there was The Dragon Blood one. Basically, since the last installment online here, we lost our home town, been getting slowly stronger, and finally, we just had our mentor and only real protection in this game die before our very eyes. ( Well, My character didn't, but that's his own fault). In any case, This point has the world starting to hit the proverbial fan. (With included proverbial poop). We are now fleeing southwards with no immediate goals towards finding our lost party member, Though our mentor kinda got better. At least he didn't actually die. Thanks to the healy member of the group.

Moving on. After some o the group had to leave for school the next day, The rest of us moved on to another RPG, Namly Dungeons and Dragons. With a simple hack and slash combat going on, we spent a while making sure we had some fun time to burn down. This game really ended this morning, about a half hour into mindnight.

Which brings me to the brain-dead par of this thingy: Either my face or my brain feels like swiss cheese, I cannot tell which. Luckily, work is kinda slow today so I don't have to worry about much at once. As glas as I am on having friends who enjoy my intrests as much as I do, 5 hours of sleep seems to be mostly grating on me anymore. This whole morning has been spent in zombie vision. I can qualify this as a rant for the simple fact of how I keep draging this thing on with no direction or point. oh, hey. I'm done now. Time to go off to find brains, I mean Mt. Dew.

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