Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dragons Blood part Duex!

So, Were well past the first session, and I haven't even covered anything. Time for recap:

The first session had five students and their teacher trekking out from Cromana (home town) to The Bronze Dragon ancestral home. Their was Ryall (myself), A blue blooded assassin in training ( Our close friend), A bronze Blooded School bully ( Pyros), and a white blooded doctor apprentice of unclear goals, Arrith. Also in the party are Nina, an NPC who is a young girl with no magical abilities (very rare); and Drakean, our NPC teacher who was carrying the purpose of our trip. He found a dragon egg in the sand, dragon eggs are almost never found outside their home. We thought it was a Bronze egg based on their close proximity and we left to return it.

After entering and meeting the ruling dragon (dragon eggs being presented are that rare), the dragons explained that they could tell it was a black egg. They can detect colour from eggs by smell apparently. The bronze dragons being very honourable and respectful of life, also took the time to berate Pryos for his rough ways. The boy promised to be a better person. After that the group left back for town and the next day, the group left for Zwarna, Home of the black dragons.

On the way to the first stopping point, we came across a man named Geb, and his caravan of traders. They were holding a green dragon in a cage and tourturing it. After a quick and relativly painless fight, The group slaughtered the caravan, and released the Dragon. He was young by dragon standards, and his nick name was "Capie." After healing him, we agreed to escort him home, then started conversation, eventually comming to the Seekers. They are a zealous religion focused mainly on dragon worship. Their big concern is finding the creator of the world (a dragon), because this dragon has sealed itself inside a child with no magic. The are currently after Nina, who is quite magicless. Arrith came to a disagrement with Capie, and the dragon flew off, to get away from him.

Then we arived in Falsten's Reach. The city created and controled by the Seekers. It was the only way to Zwarna.

More Later, as I find time.

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