Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Super-Mount and such

Ive been practicing my tanking on the headless horseman's event in WOW right now. As of this writing, the group has farmed him 17 times. We have had all of the rings drop for everyone. We have had magic brooms drop for everyone. twice. We got one pet (the sinister squashling) and 2 hats. One of the horseman's Mount has dropped. It looks like at these rates we will have 12 more days of the event. Which makes it a total of 48 more kills on the horseman. If my math works and the rate We have seen so far remains true:

Both the Squashling and the mount will drop 2.8 more times.
So one or none of us will not have it.
The hat has a doubled that: it will drop 5.6 more times.
We should all get that one.

I would hope that all four of us get:
The Mount
The Pet
The Hat

Everyone has everything else that they can possibly use. So all that is left are those... If my maths right and the drop rates are as I written them down.

I doubt I will get a horse /cry

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