Monday, December 22, 2008

It's a Holiday Bonanza!

Its Holiday time, And here's whats up!

This week are final preparations for Di and I to get a new RP setting off the ground. She's running it, and I'm just doing the PC thing. We have a party of three right now and it seems to be the perfect size. My character is magical (dragon-blooded, in the setting), and hopefully won't go crazy or anything. Of course, it doesn't help I'm setting him up for failing. Oh, and it is a BESM 2.0 Tri-stat rules grounding, so it should ground out fine. On an (un)related note, I need to get a hold of Chadd again. Punk keeps having to work when I'm not and vice-versa.

We are going to start a new holiday tradition... (mind the oxymoron), Watching 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martins.' As presented by MST3K. Sadly, that title is accurate.

This week is "get ready for the office party at work" week. I get to spend my time being office Goomba (read that: bitch) to get all the supplies. Which really isn't any different from any other day I suppose... Moving on before I realize my job description.

World of Warcraft "Winter's Veil" event is on. Yay! Its more work than I care to put into it for the title, since I have the ambassador title. So, we will se how much I do on it... Still its good to see that the online world is not a static place.

More haikus soon. I promise. No Promise is guarantied or implied. Please call your doctor for promises lasting more than 4 hours. Do not take promise unless advised by a doctor. This gag would be funnier if I could get the text smaller.

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