Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dragon's Blood

So, tonight we start a new RPG setting with the BESM (Tri-stat) rules. My wife is GMing it and has been writing this setting for most of a month now... It looks good. I figure I can spend some time going over what I know about it, My character and even chronicle what happens in the game. Lets start with the setting.

The planet/continent is named Orotan, and is a single land mass with a massive interconnected water system with a mountain range on the southern side. The home village starts near the west side. The prominent thing about this setting are the dragons. They are Color Coded by abilities and by physical characteristics. The Nearest neighbors to the village (which I cannot remember the name of) are brown dragons, which have primarily physical enchantments. Think magically induced body building. Anyway, while many of the dragons are coded "normally" (white heals, black is toxins and disease) , several are different. In any case, Magic is passed down through to the "lesser" races by interbreeding the dragons with other races. That happened generally hundreds to thousands of years ago and so the majority (99.5-99.75%) of people ( and PC's) have magic simply by having a dragon in the family at some point in the past.

The PC's are all children in the village. And will likely need to leave for one reason or another. First session is tonight, and everyone will have a character by then.

Mine: Ryall

He is a 12 year old boy who suffers from asthma who studies blue magic. He is unaware of having black dragon blood in his history, He thinks he came from the blue dragons. Both colors are pretty well what you would expect. he is proud of his "heritage" and seeks more mastery of the blue element. I'm hoping for him to have massive psychological trauma when he finds out his true nature. We will see. His main attack spell are summoned water elementals that can self destruct, they aren't happy. He still needs more background and more motivation. but there he is.

Next Dragon's Blood: The first session and the introduction of the other PCs.

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