Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas: In Retro-spec

So, Christmas time has come and gone. I' have received many presents and I feel the need to chronicle them and my thoughts on them.

  • I got some clothes: Not really a clothes person. They are nice, but eh. not my thing.
  • Gokusen (badly spelling mangled): Great anime. I recommended to everyone!
  • Death Note: Another Good one, Although I only enjoy the 1st half.
  • Lost Season 1: A great show! Yea. Not my favorite season, but its good.
  • Spore + parts pack: Now I too can mad scientist up my own creatures!
  • Fallout 3: Now roaming the wasteland with guns!
  • New Phone! It Rocks Socks!
  • Idiocracy! Watch This Movie! Now!
  • Books 1 - 11 of Wheel of time...  Thats allot of words.
And their is christmas in a nutshell...

of info!

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