Monday, September 15, 2008

Self-Referencing Good Essays

What makes a good essay? Does it have a certain number of paragraphs? Is it structured or is it not structured at all? At least does it have an interesting Intro and conclusion? Most definitely, one would argue. In any case it does have to do one thing; it has to attempt to explain.

First and foremost, it must have a good beginning and a good end. The beginning is essential to grab the reader’s attention. It must shout at them, “Read Me Now!” it makes the reader want to read more. The good ending is also paramount. It needs a conclusion to effectively close out the paper. Some might say that conclusions need to borrow material from the introduction in order to truly succeed. However, if it does it must not repeat it. To repeat the introduction would seem almost more like restarting the paper than ending the current one. Oddly enough, these parts of the essay should be written last.

Next, one must have the rest of the essay. This is a fairly complex bit of writing compacted down to one statement. The rest of the essay is composed of Paragraphs logically ordered, with convincing transitions included in the front or back of each so as to link the essay together internally. This seemingly then, should be written first. This brings up the point of attempt. One cannot write an essay on just anything. One can write for sure, but an essay should be made of sterner stuff. Never write what is simple enough that it needs no explanation. Only write what needs to be said. What is a good essay? Only the reader knows.

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